Service First Home Care - When only home will do........we can help!
Agreement for Services
* No long term contract necessary*
Service First Agrees to:
  • Provide a caring, compassionate,   competent caregiver attuned to the client's needs
  • Keep all aspects of the client/family relationship completely confidential
  • Assess the safety of the home and the client's abilities to use appliances, perform ADL's and seek help in emergencies
  • Communicate to approved  family members the client's changes or declines
  • Provide Patient Advocacy services as requested
  • Never smoke  in the home
  • Never purchase alcohol, cigarettes or other smoking materials for clients
  • Purchase  groceries and household items as requested by the client
  • Never accept cash or gifts from the client
  • Provide FREE referral and consultation services
Client Agrees to:
  • Sign the Agreement for Services
  • Communicate  needs and preferences
  • Provide the following items*          Two sets of house keys
        Latex gloves*
        Hand sanitizer*
        Baby Wipes*
        Incontinent Supplies*
        Pill keeper*
  • Advance Directives, Living Wills medical history ,or any pertinent information that will aid in client care (kept on the frig)
  • A smoke free home while caregivers are present
  • An emergency Contact List
  • 24 hour notice if services are not needed on a scheduled day
  • Prompt payment when the invoice 
     is received
   *Service First will purchase these items   upon request
What We Will Do Together:
Together we will maintain or improve the quality of life for our clients  and their families by maintaining a safe, non smoking home that supports our clients in keeping their independence, dignity and peace of mind.
Other Pertinent Facts you Should Know:
This agreement may be amended or terminated by either party with proper notice: 
  •  In the rare event that Service First Home Care wishes to cease providing services, a two week notice will be given to the client or the responsible party. A referral to another home care agency will be made. 
  • We require a two week notice of termination of services from the client or responsible party.   For hospice clients (or other unusual circumstances ) this requirement may be waived on a case by case basis. 
Service First requests that the client or responsible party  give as much notice as possible if services are not needed for a particular day. Less than 24 hour notice will incur a charge for the day.
If a client becomes unsafe in their home, in the evaluation of Service First Home Care, the client and/or responsible party will be notified in writing.* A referral for a safer environment will be made.
*Service First Home Care assumes no responsibility for the client's safety if suggested safety measures are not implemented or in the unexpected event that there is no Service First caregiver available due to accident, illness or natural disaster.
Financial Policy
  • Full payment of the first week’s service is required in advance by check or cash.
  • The billing for services will be on a two week cycle and payment is expected within one week of the invoice date.
  • As Service First caregivers cannot accept money or gifts from a client, all groceries or household items purchased will be placed on a Service First charge account, unless other arrangements are made. These charges will be included on the biweekly invoice with the itemized charge slip for each purchase. There will be a 5% service charge for this service.
  • Services will cease if the account due becomes 30 days past due and collection proceedings started.
  • There will be a returned check fee of $30.
  • In the event of the untimely death of a client, Service First Home Care requests that payment for services rendered be paid by the responsible party and not probated. 
  •  The client will be given a two week notice in the event of a price increase.
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